From the author of That is the Way We Met! and Few Things Left Unsaid, this true modern love story will sweep you off the feet. ‘It Started with a Friend Request’ is a heart-warming story that will pull all the right strings of your emotions.

Love silently steps in our lives and put us amidst whirlwind rising emotions. Single, young, and conservative Akash prefers girls, who are smart and sensible than those in miniskirts. One lucky day, he meets Aleesha, a free-spirited girl and a Mass Media student in local discotheque. Aleesha being the only child of her parents is a spoiled brat. The meeting ends up with getting to know each other's interests and exchanging their BlackBerry pins. They start chatting regularly and slowly fall in love. As the duo plans to take their relationship ahead, fate that has already been writing a different plot, starts stirring things up. Will Akash and Aleesha give in to fate or build their own? How far will the couple go to save their relationship? See love from a completely different angle with It Started with a Friend Request.

It Started with a Friend Request

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  • Sudeep Nagarkar

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