Target 3 Billion: Innovative Solutions Towards Sustainable Development talks about the 3 billion people across the globe who live in villages and are often deprived of basic resources. The authors explain how the global model of development has failed to eradicate poverty.


India's 750 million people living in villages constitutes the world's largest rural population. Target 3 Billion: Innovative Solutions Towards Sustainable Development integrates the challenges and opportunities of the present human civilization. It elaborates on providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (PURA), a sustainable and environment friendly system that will uplift the rural masses. Instead of relying on government subsidies, Dr. Kalam says that entrepreneurship with community participation can empower villagers. PURA is a blend of people, technology, entrepreneurial spirit, traditions and skills. Readers will come across many examples throughout the book which demonstrate how PURA can change the lives of millions. Some of these include Seed Club at Chitrakoot Pura and Warana Cooperative Sugar Factory.

Target 3 Billion

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  • A.P.J Abdul Kalam & Srijan Pal Singh

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