Two brothers, a brilliant woman haunted by her unfortunate past, a love that exceeds the boundaries of death and a movement of the country which will decide the future of countless people, are what this book revolves around. The Lowland is a tale of Udayan and Subhash Mitra who are born just fifteen months apart, but possess starkly different personalities and they encounter futures that are poles apart.


In the 1960s, Udayan Mitra is an impulsive person with a magnetizing personality and gets involved in the Naxalite movement, a movement aimed to eradicate inequality and poverty. On the other hand his brother chooses an entirely different life of scientific research in a quiet, peaceful coastal corner of America.


Life brings Subhash back to India after he learns about the unfortunate incident that happens to his brother in the lowland near his family home. The incident brings him back to his roots and his torn his family together, including his brother's wife. He tries to heal the wounds which his brother left behind.


A story based in both India and America, The Lowland is fiercely thoughtful and overflows with human emotion. The book gives you goose bumps as the complex intricacies of varied human emotions like love, affinity and dedication are unveiled.

The Lowland

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  • Jhumpa Lahiri