Do I need to a founder's agreement even if my co-promoters are my childhood friends?
What is a mentor agreement and how is it different from an investor agreement?
What clauses do I need to worry about in a seed investor agreement?
Do I need to patent everything I build on my own?
Is product management different for Indian start-ups?


These are the typical questions that bother an early-stage entrepreneur in the burgeoning Indian start-up ecosystem. The Manual for Indian Start-ups has been ideated as a handy guide meant for daily use. Authored by industry leaders, this book provides relevant templates based on the stage the venture is in for the first three years of the entrepreneurial journey. Book available at Kitabi chai website and store


The Manual for Indian Start-ups

SKU: by Vijaya kumar ivaturi, meena ganesh
  • Vijay kumar Ivaturi, Meena Ganesh, Alok Mittal, Sriram subramanya and Prof. Sadagopan