From one of the most famous writers of India comes another novel that will make the young adults of India fall in love all over again. The novel, 'When Only Love Remains' by Durjoy Datta is a novel that is bound to make some readers reach out for tissues. This classic tale of love and heart break touches the hearts of all those who read it. And when the author is Durjoy, readers can expect a tale filled with love that most of the people experience in their everyday lives. This love is not outlandish or filmy, but a simple love between two people. This is what makes his books so appealing to the majority of the people.


Let’s delve in love


the story of “When Only Love Remains” is not grand or other worldly, but rather simple and true, making the story a comforting and easy read. The main characters of the novel are Avanti, who is a flight attendant and Devvrat who is a rising music sensation. He has got his own massive following on social media, however he has fallen into the trap of success, by resorting to drugs, suffering from bouts of depression and living a life that is alone and sad. This, of course, his fans do not know. Avanti is one such fan. Finally, when Avanti and Devvrat do meet, they are pulled passionately towards each other. What follows is a ride of love and fate.


When only Love Remains

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