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Kitabi Chai - Pune's Oasis for Bookworms and Tea Lovers

Kitabi Chai is more than just a cafe and bookstore; it's a community hub where bookworms and tea enthusiasts can connect, relax, and indulge in their shared passions. Whether you're seeking a quiet corner to delve into your latest literary adventure or a vibrant space to engage in stimulating conversation, Kitabi Chai offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all.

Our mission at Kitabi Chai is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for all book lovers and tea enthusiasts. Our book collection is diverse, and we strive to cater to the unique tastes of all our customers. Our tea selection is equally varied, providing the perfect complement to your reading time or conversation. Our cafe offers a unique space to enjoy the pleasures of reading and engaging with others who share the same passion for books and tea. We believe that Kitabi Chai is the perfect destination for all your literary and tea needs.

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Food plays a major role in our life, why not enjoy them while you read about that fictional character or a great novel that inspires. Well if that's not you! Bring a friend along and snack over a conversation or a date perhaps?


Kitabi Chai not only offers a place to sit and read books while enjoying your favorite snack or drink. We also offer monthly subscription plans for all the books nerds who want to enjoy the books at the comfort of their homes. Yes we home deliver as well.


We are not only a place to sit and read but also to connect and create memories. A place to join hands and meet new faces, make bonds so strong that you become a family. You can start by simply taking part in our events.

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What on earth could be more luxurious than a good book, comfortable sofa and some fries? Kitabi Chai has everything you need, an enormous collection of books curated for all age groups!

Always satisfying the inquisitive minds by recommending books based on your preferred genre.

The best part, they saved us from the wrath of boredom during the unprecedented times and started delivering too! All you need to do is browse and choose from their collection online and the book will be delivered at your place.

The best things is that, if you are unable to purchase a particular book, they will themselves make it available to you at the earliest. This nature of the Cafe Owner has led to leave a unique impression on the minds and hearts of the readers.

Pooja Kundan,
Salisbury Park

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Books are the quietest and the most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors and the most most patient of teachers.

Charles W. Eliot

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Opening Hours
Come In or Take Away
Everyday from 11am - 10pm

Shop 310 Marvel Sangria NIBM, road, Mohammed Wadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411048

+91 88477 47340

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